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Our “Spanish for Expats” program is specifically directed at those expats currently living in Colombia who really want to take their Spanish to the next level.

Of course, those living in Colombia have a significant advantage over students who don’t live in a Spanish-speaking country, but we understand that it can still be difficult to make the breakthrough you are looking for.

Our 72-hour program is designed to meet your specific needs and fit into your busy schedule – we offer classes in your apartment or office at times that work for you.

We work with qualified and experience Spanish teachers to ensure that your progress is as fast as possible and we evaluate your own personal strengths and weaknesses and design your study plan accordingly.

This is not the type of course where you can just dip your toe in the water and hope for the best by taking the odd class here or there – our program requires a 72-hour commitment to ensure that you make significant progress. We are dedicated to making sure our students to succeed and overcome any hurdles that have been holding them back in the past.

The program typically (depending on specific needs) spends plenty of time developing conversation skills (these are often weak), but in no way are these just “conversation classes”. We take great care in covering all four parts of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) helping students to develop their Spanish in a balanced way (it’s no good having a great level conversation-wise, if you can’t write a single email, in our opinion).

Our approach to using textbooks is also balanced.

Our teachers use a textbook as a guide. After all, these textbooks are written by expert Spanish teachers and many of the techniques and exercises are very valuable indeed.

However, we also recognize the limitations of only using a textbook – the kind of teaching methodology often employed in schools. It can be boring, and is certainly limiting. Limiting because there is much that textbooks do not contain: up-to-date information, industry-specific insights, and so on.

By using a balance between traditional and the new (podcasts, videos, articles from the internet, online tools etc.) we are able to provide our students with the material they need in order to succeed.

Our classes are either one-to-one or in small groups. We wanted to get away from large class sizes, where not all students actively participate. In the Inglés Bogotá Spanish program, all students participate actively in every single class, and that leads to a rapid increase in level.

We also help students to develop their out-of-class learning, making Spanish a constant part of their day-to-day activities. Classes are great and provide a very important foundation, but by helping our students develop an overall plan, we are able to help them achieve more.

In addition, Bogotá is not always an easy city to navigate. Traffic can be a bit heavy at times, and we want to make things easier for our students. For that reason, all of our classes are “a domicilio” in the student’s apartment or workplace.

We also understand that you probably have a busy schedule and sometimes things change. That is why we offer times that work for you, and the ability to cancel and/or reschedule if something comes up.

Course prices start from just $4.495.000 + IVA

In conclusion, if you are looking of a couple of hours extra help before an interview or some other short-term goal, then this course is probably not for you. If you are looking to commit 100% to a program that absolutely delivers outstanding results, taking your Spanish to a completely different level, then please get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!

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